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Seamlessly find and contract market research, data analytics, and insights professionals.

  • Listing of available project, part-time and full-time opportunities
  • Searchable database of talent with skills and experience matching
  • Flexible hiring or full-time talent acquisition
  • Proposal review, contract execution, and milestone tracking with easy payment
  • Hands-on support for using the platform, scoping projects, and finding the best talent provided by veteran MR industry executives

QueSights: See further into qualitative or quantitative data.


Market Research

Market research is the systematic collection, analysis, reporting, and interpretation of data and information about consumers and businesses and an organization’s target markets.

Data Analytics

Data Analytics is the process of scientifically “interrogating” the data to find patterns and relationships in the data and statistically identify how one or more variables explain or predict other variables or outcomes.


Insights are the learnings drawn from data and information from Market Research and/or other sources, such as internal or external databases, industry knowledge, desk research, or any other sources.

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