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What is QueSights?

QueSights is a unique, two-sided website for users and individual providers of specialized market research, insights, and analytics services, offering a digital marketplace where clients and contractors can connect, agree on the details and terms of a project, and handle related payments. 

Clients can be end-user firms or research agencies looking for supplemental help on a project, fixed-term contract, or permanent basis. Hiring companies can post projects and search for vetted talent. Contractors can promote their experience and skills for project work or for full-time employment.

 Projects can involve ad hoc specific tasks—such as questionnaire development, qualitative interviewing, report writing, or other activities—or can be complete turnkey engagements involving every component of an ongoing client need.

Why QueSights?

Dive into a sea of generic freelance platforms, and you’ll find yourself
wading through endless listings covering any and all consultative services. Research, insights, and analytics-related activities are rarely posted. And when they are, the work tends to be low-dollar value requests from startups and small firms prioritizing the cheapest bid over excellence.

QueSights was created and run by ex-Harris Interactive senior executives. It’s not just another freelance marketplace; we’re a dedicated hub exclusively tailored for the nuanced world of research, insights, and analytics.

 For employers, QueSights is a treasure trove of handpicked professionals, each vetted for their unparalleled skills, depth of expertise, training, and industry experience. No more sifting through irrelevant listings; discover talent that aligns perfectly with your criteria.
For freelancers, QueSights offers a premium platform to showcase your

expertise, ensuring you’re seen by those who truly value your skills.
Experience a targeted approach to projects, allowing you to focus on high- quality, professional opportunities. And with our seamless invoicing and payment systems, you can be confident of timely and secure payment.

Choose QueSights.

Where quality meets opportunity in the world of market research.