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Step 1

  • Clients post projects or jobs. Clients search for contractors matching relevant skills and experiences. Our auto-match system enables clients to specify and weight the relative importance of multiple criteria to help narrow down their search.
  • Contractors create profiles and search for projects and jobs relevant to them. Contractors also receive email alerts when new job opportunities that match their credentials are posted.
  • Our team of market research veterans provides clients with hands-on support, from how to use to the platform to selecting the best candidates.
  • Registration and all support for both clients and contractors is free.

Step 2

  • Clients select one or more contractors to discuss project or job via email or invite one or more contractors to submit a brief proposal of the their ideas.
  • Clients and contractor(s) discuss project or job.
  • Clients selects a contractor.
  • Client and contractor agree on project scope, milestones, and costs. Milestones can be based on hours or time worked or the completion of separate phases or deliverables of a project.

Step 3

  • Work is accepted by the client. 
  • The client pays for project deliverables or reported hours.
  • As each milestone is completed and approved by the client, the contractor receives payment for that milestone.
  • For project work, contractor receives payment, with QueSights collecting a 12% administrative fee. Project payments are handled seamlessly by ACH or credit card through Stripe, a global payments processor for e-commerce serving millions of digital businesses. While subject to change, Stripe will charge clients $2 for each ACH payment or a 3% charge on credit card payments.
  • For temporary full-time or permanent hires, QueSights will invoice the client 12.5% of the employee’s annual salary (or 12.5% of the salary to be paid during the term of the contractor’s employment, whichever is less).