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Tips for Applying to Posted Jobs

  • Treat your response to any posted job of interest as if you were responding to an RFP.
    The reason? You must assume that the job poster is receiving multiple proposals.
    Accordingly, you need to sell yourself and your proposal against other skilled
  • Don’t assume that the job poster will look closely at your QueSights profile.
  • At a minimum, provide the following information in your application:
    o A few sentences about your MR career to date.
    o Speak to the qualifications listed in the job posting.
    o Describe how you’ll accomplish the job.
    o Speak to your work style, especially as it pertains to working with the client
  • Spell out what differentiates you from all the others who’ll be applying.
  • Stay on the look out for new opportunities! We send out alerts for new jobs based on how well the required skills and experience matches your profile, so keep it updated.